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Create engaging activations and boost brand awareness through the use of our Digital Photobooth.


  • Give fans a selection of people or characters to pose with, collect their marketing info, and give them a sharable photo for social media.

  • Content and branding can be completely customised by our team to match your unique requirements.

  • Incredible way to entice people to view and interact with your brand and content.

  • Highly visible and engaging when run  from a large touch-enabled screen, or it can also run from mounted tablet devices for a lower cost, more portable setup.

  • Perfect for any physical space activation such as media events, sponsorship events, expo booths, waiting areas, transport stations, reception areas, VIP lounges, or information kiosks.

The examples shown are from a 2022 campaign in partnership with Suzuki and Melbourne Storm. Licenced content is used with permission.

How it works

Elevate your brand and engage your audience like never before with our state-of-the-art Digital Photobooth. This interactive, web-based experience is perfect for events, campaigns, expo booths, and installations. We've shown examples using greenscreen footage, but animated characters or mascots work amazingly well too!

Tap & Choose

Users tap the screen to start and select 1 to 4 of their favorite characters from a customizable grid.

Pose in Frame

A timer guides users to position themselves within a marked area on the webcam feed.

Characters Join

The selected characters appear to "walk into" the frame and pose with the user.

Snap & Scan

A photo is taken and stored in the cloud. A unique QR code appears, allowing users to download their photo instantly via their smartphone, and opt into marketing from the brand.

Running a Photobooth

Each campaign of the Digital Photobooth is designed to be a unique and memorable experience, tailored to your brand and event requirements. We build and host the photobooth web application, customise the look & feel to match your requirements, and report the statistics and collected marketing data to you at regular intervals during the campaign.

We love running these projects, so email us today discuss your project: photobooth@digitalmakers.io

Plan your campaign

Talk to us about your event, timeline, talent and marketing KPI's, and we'll help refine the plan for how the Photobooth will enhance the experience. We can also help you identify what hardware you'll need to run the software at the event, and tips to capture the video.

Get us the content

We'll help you strategise how to capture the best video of your talent (or digital animated characters work well too!) and get it to us in the formats we need. Other content such as copy and brand assets will also need to be provided, which we can also help you refine.

We customise and host your experience

The team will design and build your unique branded photobooth look & feel based on your brand, screen talent, and content. We'll provide a test link that you can run from an iPad to proof the experience along the way. 

Delight some fans!

When you're ready to go, use our easy instructions to run your experience from your touch screen PC or tablet device(s). Fans interact with the screens, and use their phones to accept marketing terms and download their photo.

High Engagement

Simple and intuitive design ensures that users of all ages can easily navigate the photobooth experience.

Easily scalable

We're experts in highly scalable platforms, and we've designed the Photobooth to perform the same no matter how many screens and users your event might have.

Fast turn around time

The most time-consuming part of the build is capturing the content. If you can get us the brand style guide and all the video/photo assets, we can be ready to deploy in a few weeks.

Data Capture

Collect essential user data like names and emails for future marketing initiatives, all while adhering to privacy regulations.

Immersive AR Experience

Our transparent video technology seamlessly blends the digital and real worlds, creating a captivating augmented reality moment.

Secure Cloud Storage

All photos are securely stored in the cloud, allowing for easy access and management without compromising data security.

Completely brandable

Our talented team will design the front-end experience based on your brand and the content, to make it feel intuitive and enticing.

Customisable Characters

Tailor the grid of characters, celebrities, or brand mascots to perfectly align with your campaign or event theme.

Get started on a branded Photobooth

Interested in setting up a Digital Photobooth as part of your campaign or event?
Tell us about it!


The costs to start a Digital Photobooth project with us start at $2200 for the front-end design customisations including the download page and email template, plus $7500 per month that the campaign is active (minimum 1 month).

Prices are intended as a guide only, are in AUD, and include GST. Actual cost may vary based on your customisation requirements.

Want something even more unique?

We love building and running these photobooth projects, and have plenty of ideas for unique features or options that haven't been built into the core product yet. We're experts at web software development, so there isn't much we can't customise to really set your event apart from the rest. Talk to us about your requirements and let's see what we can do!