Healthcare to your door

Working with a highly experienced company that provides a healthcare workforce to people at home. They found an opportunity to help their patients and those in need by providing an easy way for them to book house calls.

Web Development

UX/UI Design

Mobile Development


Emergency API Fixes

Infrastructure Setup

Ilya and Joshua Mayo took their concept for affordable, friendly, mobile health services from Australia to the USA but struggled to find any reasonably priced development that could help them scale.


We took over the project from a previous agency soon after it had gone live, and conducted a thorough code & infrastructure audit. Through this, we were able to cut Doctoroo’s infrastructure costs by more than half as well as pinpoint many reliability issues impacting their online  booking system.

Since then, we have rebuilt their customer app from scratch, making it faster, easier, and much nicer to use than ever before. We’re proud that we could help deliver such fantastic results, and it has led to a rewarding ongoing relationship with these expat Aussie entrepreneurs!

“Doctoroo is an Australian owned medical company based in Las Vegas. There was a real temptation to go with a top tier Silicon Valley development studio for our App, until we saw their price tags. 


When we realized Digital Makers could deliver the same quality products at a fraction of the cost we took the development of our App ‘offshore’… back home to Australia. 


Best decision ever. Highly recommend.”

Ilya Mayo