About Us

Digital Makers began in a spare room in Brisbane, Australia in 2014, and has grown with a focus on clear technical communication and solid development practice ever since. Our team is based in Australia, and we work with brands all over the world.

We don't offshore anything

Too often we’ve seen other agencies offshore their development based on price alone, and end up paying the same or more in the end due to bad management, misunderstanding requirements, inability to change direction mid project, or underskilled staff.


All our work is completed by in-house developers and designers that are properly employed and fairly compensated, and are not treated as just a velocity number in a spreadsheet.


We believe Design is a core part of Development

So many other development agencies forget that how the product flows, looks and feels is just as important to its success as implementation and functionality.

Design is not just visual, but the way in which a product is experienced through its flow and functionality. It’s a living element that exists beyond the initial stages of a project and continues throughout development, as there will always be changing approaches to the way a product works as well as how the visual language is implemented.

Knowing that, we’ve crafted our team to include designers to help clients make informed decisions about the direction of their product, as well as assisting developers in implementing new features and visual design elements - such as interpreting a brand style guide into new components and patterns that the product needs.

We’re dedicated to ethical business practices

Our staff are our most valuable asset - and no, that’s not just a cliche line to us. We believe in paying fair wages and we encourage our team to grow in ways and develop skills they may not be able to when working for a traditional dev house.


Have a project?

There are many ways you can engage with Digital Makers. We’ve put together a way to help guide you through the briefing process to engage with us.